Trout Whisperer - A place called north…

It’s an anthem of mine, the phrase, “off the beaten path”,and I wish I would have been the one to say it first, be the initiator of such thinking. I would have loved knowing the coined words fell from me, it’s such a clever turn a phrase, but, alas, I am not.
My wife and I do that more often than most could possibly imagine and in so doing we’ve found in our footfalls a further place than, “off the beaten path” where the majority have not traveled. It could be a wanderer’s way, for me, it’s like a shooting star only earthen bound, or maybe from a stellar poem. It’s simply, the road less travelled.
Today it was a road, at least for a while, to a lake. But first, you go over an honest to goodness wooden bridge, CCC camp constructed, my heart gets pumping every time we lock in the hubs and scoot over it in four-wheel drive following nothing, no ruts. No one went before us this day at least, past flocked cedars, meandering moose tracks and stopping to toss out nacho Doritos to whiskey jacks that always seem so accommodating in their accompaniment of us, so we never north it, without a handful of some kind of bird feed that we’re certain the hungry jays appreciate. We treasure their socializing with us until we are finally reduced to no more treats.
So, off we go to a totally frozen lake, a destination in a place called north, no docks, no cabins, just an icy wintery view.
It’s fun getting there, which there is on any given sojourn, But we go, and it’s there, and if you want to see it, you go, and to find it, is easy, it’s not the least bit hidden.
It’s where everyone else, isn’t. the trout whisperer

~ The trout whisperer