From the miscellaneous drawer

by Anne Swenson

Did you ever have to take an aptitude test when you were in school? Mine came back stating I should become a mechanic as an adult.
That wasn’t too surprising given that I repaired my bike when needed and changed car tires for my parents. I also took apart a small table top fan in the heat of the summer to fix it.
The only problem was that when I re-assembled it, the fan ran backwards, pushing the blades so they revolved over the motor which heated up easily.
Nobody had air conditioning back then, and I was stumped and hot. I was again working for my dad that summer and knew there were men in the plant who were handy.
I brought the small fan into work and convinced a worker to see what I had done wrong and to fix it.
Before long he came back to me and asked where the rest of the fan parts were. Somewhat embarrassed, I handed them over.
He returned with a working fan.
So much for my mechanic’s aptitude!
Now some 50 years later, I decided against trying to fix my small humidifier. Amazing how easy it is to just buy a new one! And even at that I had to have grandson Evan get it working.
* * *
In the Ely Echo for Decenber 24, 1979, 40 years ago, the headlines were:
• As weather gets colder, council heats up;
• Echo welcomes 100 new subscribers in December;
• Three appointed to management posts at U.S. Steel;
• Ely has an expensive sewage problem they’re attempting to solve;
• Podominick’s 33 paces Ely over Mt. Iron;
• Hidden Valley jump record broken by Williams.