Big turnout for annual basketball alumni games

by Toni Zaverl
It was another good night in the Ely high school gym as the alumni players come together to play in the second annual Ely Hoop Club alumni basketball game.
We switch gears up this year and played the alumni game before Christmas and seem to have a good turnout.
This alumni game was put in place by Hoop Club board member Toni Zaverl to bring back old time fun and have an event that will bring the community together as well as serve for a fundraiser for the Hoop Club Scholarship fund.
The Ely Hoop Club would like to thank all the players who sign up and played in this year’s game. Also the family and fans that came to watch and make this special and annual event happen.
The players on the girls red team are Jen Zgonc, Mindy LaTourell, Megan Wognum, Jackie Zubke, Maggie Isbell, Jean Hutar, and Missy Mackenzie. The players on the white team are Kalley Fischer, Shayla Zaverl, Alison Zaverl, Marlee Muhvich, Natalie McDonald, Megan Dotts, and Adrianna Wittrup.
The boys white team consists of Pat Vanderbeek, Max Gantt, Izaak Nosbisch, Jay Soderberg, Reed Petersen, Collen Seliskar, Bob LaTourell, Adam McDonald, Jasiah Wigdahl, Alex Motes, and Michael Lah. For the red team Mark Heiman, Evan Omerza, Steve Milkovich, Charley Damman, Blaise Lah, Pat Heiman, Mike Heiman, Trevor Mattson, Nick Furnstahl, and Carter Gaulke.
Girls Game
Red Team 34 – White Team 24
Red Jen Zgnoc 2, Mindy MacKenzie 6, Megan Wognum 8, Jackie Zubke 2, Maggie Isbell 10, and Missy LaTourell 6.
White Shayla Zaverl 6, Marlee Muhvich 3, Natalie McDonald 17.
Boys Game Red Team 44- White Team 40
White team - Pat Vanderbeek 10, Max Gantt 3, Izaak Nosbisch 9, Reed Petersen 7, Adam McDonald 2, Alex Motes 7, and Michael Lah 7
Red team Mark Heiman 2, Evan Omerza 4, Steve Milkovich 1, Charley Damman 3, Blaise Lah 3, Pat Heiman 5, Mike Heiman 5, Trevor Mattson 6, Nick Furnstahl 13, and Carter Gualke 2.

Pictured: BIG TURNOUT at the high school gymnasium Monday night for the annual alumni games. More than 30 former Timberwolves girls and boys players took part. Front row: Marlee Muhvich, Kalley Fischer, Mindy LaTourell, Shayla Zaverl, Missy Mackenzie, Jen Zgonc, Maggie Isbell, Jean Hutar, Bob LaTourell, Jay Soderberg, Izaak Nosbisch, Nick Furnstahl, Charley Dammann. Back row: Alex Motes, Reed Petersen, Pat Vanderbeek, Collen Seliskar, Adam McDonald, Jasiah Wigdahl, Natalie McDonald, Adrianna Wittrup, Alison Zaverl, Megan Dotts, Megan Wognum, Michael Lah, Jackie Zubke, Blaise Lah, Max Gantt, Carter Gaulke, Trevor Mattson, Mike Heiman, Mark Heiman, Pat Heiman, Steve Milkovich and Evan Omerza. Photo by Nick Wognum.