From the miscellaneous drawer by Anne Swenson

Send in your best wishes for Ely!

The views of the holidays doesn’t vary much among the elderly. Well in the past is the hustle and bustle of gift giving. Even the meals are in the past. The Saturday before Christmas is when the day was celebrated. Mary cooked up a delicious brunch, we shared gifts and it was peaceful and pleasant.

* * *
Now I’m working on a new project for the new year.
You can see details in this edition. My project is to hear from all the Echo subscribers, telling me in one sentence what their New Year’s Wish for Ely is.
There has been so much animosity and self-righteousness of opinions, that I’d like to hear your positive thoughts about Ely. It could be something as simple as boosting a school sports team or wishing for an improved road or alley.
So consider what you wish for Ely and send it in. Sign your name.too.
In the Ely Echo for Decenber 31, 1979, 40 years ago, the headlines were:
• State files BWCA lawsuit;
• Trust board established to manage taconite revenue;
• The Fine Arts building at VCC was nearing completion;
• Begich clarified position on county split.
• Ted Loushin looks back on 100,000 miles of service.