Trout Whisperer - Small bobber season

He saves things, like wine corks, and he dabbles them with high gloss paints, making, shaping, carving, creating his own floats. We call them bobbers, and he says, its small bobber season, but once he makes one, it’s a float.
Chunks of sponges, any color imaginable, driftwood chips, all sorts of insulating foam board pieces and sliced up plastic pop bottles are in bins and pails and buckets heaped to overflowing as well as half empty which are his warehouse of choosing choices.
He has a row of glue bottles, glue tubes and glue sticks and glue guns and its an oozy looking gobble of goop, like glue lava gone wild. But it all works once he re-warms it up.
There is a row, on the back shelf of his work bench, pretty dusty, and I’d bet some of them are forty years old, made most likely from balsa cuz he was into that for quite some time, but there’s the standard red topped, below that a row of yellow topped and then the more modern colors erupt on the lower closer shelves to him, with a myriad of the new fluorescent colors, and the ones that catch my eye the most are the glow green, and I’ve used them on calm evenings, and even if you don’t get a bite, there fun just to sit and watch bobbing in the water.
If you sit with him long enough, he reaches up or over to fondle one, holds it to the light, then he asks, what ya think of that one, do you like it. If you say yes, he hands it you, he says, here, this float, is for you.
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~ The trout whisperer