Isabel Ahlgren, 95

Isabel Ahlgren, 95, died in the early hours of Christmas Eve Day, December 24, at her residence in Sun City, Arizona. Isabel and her husband Clifford were the authors of the book, “Lob Trees of the Wilderness” and papers on topics such as “Viability and Fertility of Vacuum Dried Pollen of 5 Needle Pine Species” and “Effects of Prescribed Burning on Soil Microorganisms”. Together, they also developed a rust disease-resistant strain of White Pine.
In retirement, Isabel mastered the art of basket-weaving, eventually teaching and developing her own patterns. She greatly enjoyed visiting Sika, Alaska and learning to add antlers to her baskets.
Isabel was preceded in death by her daughter Molly Ahlgren, her husband Clifford E. Ahlgren, brothers Robert and Joseph Fulton, and parents. Isabel is survived by her son Cliff (Nancy) and grandson Samuel. Isabel enlisted “Research for Life”, of Phoenix, Arizona, in her choice for final arrangements.