Trout Whisperer - Needing some fluff

It’s an extremely pastoral setting. Snow is falling outside, the big floaty flake kind. We have nowhere to go because we‘re there. The fire inside is glowing red orange warm coals. A very snoozy golden retriever is lying prone in front of the hearth.
He is at one side of the bench, I’m on the other, we’re not racing, but it’s a competition to see who can tie up the most flies before the other guy.
We started out with a really easy one, muddler minnows, with whitetail deer hair, a blob of deer hair, wind, wind, wind, tie-off, a drop of glue, trim, and on to the next one. I stomped him on the muddlers.
Next up, we did one of my personal favorites the “Mcginty.” When you’re done it looks just like a bumblebee and the dual lacing of the black and yellow chenille is fun to me, and having done them many years now, I just don’t think he stood a chance. Round two went solidly to me.
He had enough of my choices and he picked one I have great difficulty with, and he knew it. It was premediated fly-tying lack of ethics as far as I was concerned, the elk hair caddis. He was way ahead of me until some fortuitous luck fell on my side as he ran out of the elk hair supply he had. He asked for some of mine and I said no way, I got my fingers going. Then he called the dog, it rose wagging tail friendly over to him where he reached out with his scissors, gave the pooch a quick trim of its dog hair, and back to tying he went.
~ The trout whisperer