Letter: Reminded how special a place Ely is

Dear Editor,
Who would have thought? In this Brave New World of almost daily breath-taking technological advances, it’s so awesome that we can come to Ely and get all of our computer, iPad, and cell phone problems solved more quickly, easily, and affordably than we can in South Florida, a home of Best Buy, Apple Superstores, and the Geek Squad.
Several months ago, while vacationing in Ely from our home in South Florida, our computer system was hacked: a potential problem out there for everyone reading this.
Some unscrupulous troll stole our identity and tried to scam all of our computer contacts. We immediately ran to Jim & Lisa Robbins at Voltz Technologies, right in the middle of town on Sheridan. “Help,” we cried, “we’ve been hacked!”
Immediately, Lisa and her very knowledgeable assistant Becky took over, cleaned out our computer systems, opened up new pathways to email et al, helped us change all of our passwords and disavow our old email system, forwarding all emails to a new site with new password. Voila! Nothing to it!!
Once again, we were reminded about how special a place Ely is. Everywhere you go, you find personable, friendly folks, many here just because it is Ely, a very special place.
A place where we can get away from it all, in an increasingly complicated and unfriendly world.
Jim and Lisa Robbins and Becky at Voltz Technologies are these kind of folks. In a friendly Ely environment, they resolved our computer/phone issues and didn’t quit until they did, were sure we were satisfied, and all at a reasonable price. Thank you Voltz!
John & Sue Thurston