Elyite offers alternative to current political system

Democratic-Republican Party revived as “viable solution for voters and legislators”

Scott Magie believes there’s a better option to the current two-party system in the country.
An Elyite and graduate of Ely Memorial High School, Magie has worked to re-establish after 195 years the Democratic-Republican Party “for the purpose of saving the Republic of the United States of America from the imminent danger by those currently at the helm, before it is too late.”
In a news release sent out across the country, the stated platform for the Dem-Rep Party is to create the opportunity for a strong third party with seats in the U.S. Congress to ensure that either of the two parties ruling American never gets a 50.1% majority in either the Senate or House of Representatives again.
“America needs a party to help quench partisan activities and get the focus of the US Congress directed towards what is best for all Americans,” the release states.
A primary part of the “Dem-Rep” platform is to utilize Article V of The Constitution of the United States to reconvene the Convention of States after 233 years to fix the numerous issues facing America.
A short list of the goals of a Convention of States that will be managed by the representatives of all 50 State legislatures include:
• Setting reasonable term limits
• Balanced budget and debt limit caps
• Give more control back to each state
• Resolve numerous unfunded liabilities that is approaching $130 trillion
The release states, “America has witnessed how the current two-party system since 1857 has impacted America.
“The great divide that has resulted can be rebooted by building a strong third party to refocus the US Congress on the issues that are most important to America.
“Please join the Dem-Rep’s in our efforts to intervene in the current process. You can read our letter to the President and Speaker in our website. Help by donating today to build the war chest at https://Dem-Rep.com
The Democratic-Republican Party’s goal is to elect members to federal office and recommend amendments to the Constitution of the United States that protect the rights of each state and the individuals within each state, “for the betterment of the United States of America, while incorporating exceptional honesty, restoring trust and rebuilding the integrity of the United States Congress.”