Pelican brief - Snowy day at the Library

by Sue Thurston

February 10, 2020
Our cabin on Little Long Lake is the perfect place to be on a snowy day in February. But on this day, John, and our cocker spaniel, Sabrina, are enjoying all the splendid peace and quiet of that cozy cabin ambiance…with the snow flurries falling fast and furious onto the lake and forest outside. A man and his dog…John is the Man of the House today, as he catches up on office work from his business trip back to Florida this past week.
Perfect time for me to slide away into town to our beautiful Ely Public Library, to do some “reading, writing and arithmetic,” and to walk Sheridan and Chapman and Central streets where art work is hung in the shop windows with care, in hopes that the townspeople soon will be there!! These are the days of the Ely Winter Festival.
As I have settled into a desk in the library, in the midst of shelves of books arranged to provide cozy, sort of private study areas with comfy cushioned chairs for reading and beautiful big paned windows, some of them of colored stained glass by local artists....guess what?! I think I may have just the right peace, and sort of “Listening Point,”, to be able to pen a Pelican Brief!!
Who would have thought! But, here I am, with a window on the world of Ely as a snowy day has unfolded… cars are making their way slowly in the new snow, and toboggan hats, mittens, scarves and boots, are the dress donned by these passersby the Library this Day!
My Valentine cards are stacked beside me, as this desktop is scattered with red, yellow and pink markers and pens, a plethora of cool heart shaped stickers, stamps, small white envelopes and pink/red violet spotted notecards, blank inside. It takes time to fill each with a hand written verse beginning with “roses are red and daisies are yellow,” or some such rhyming verse special to each person!!
Today, I have only my sisters’ Valentines to go! They are rather silly, but cute and specific only to my sweet Sis’s! I will pack up my satchel with my valentine art supplies, my iPad, my newly selected library novel and a favorite, retro DVD and head to the Post Office next door.
A stop at the Front Porch for a hot coffee or chocolate and a sweet roll, will afford me a visit with those cross country skiers, familiar townspeople, and friendly gals behind the counter…all stopping by on their way to the snow sculptures in the park, stroll the Art Walk path around town, with every opportunity to see what lies inside the shops and say, Howdy!
With frigid, snowy weather predicted, I will be looking for a warm pair of corduroys to keep me toastie!
As I look at the old clock on the wall above me, how did it get to be almost five o’clock? It has been a very productive and snowy day at the library!
John too, has completed his day of business…he is frying up some walleye for dinner, and we will settle in with a glass of wine and watch the snow fly and watch the retro DVD!!
Sabrina, of course, will greet me at the front door for her invigorating walk down the road in the new snow! Is it possible that she could be a contender for the WolfTrack Classic sled Dog Rce on Sunday....or just a spectator!