Caucuses on for Tuesday

Ely area Democrats, Republicans to meet Vermilion Community College

by Tom Coombe
Democrats and Republicans in the Ely area will gather Tuesday at Vermilion Community College for grassroots gatherings that kick off a busy election year.
Precinct caucuses begin at 7 p.m. and give area residents a voice in shaping the platforms of their respective party.
The caucuses come in advance of a Mar. 3 presidential primary, but party leaders are emphasizing that caucuses will still go on as scheduled.
Those who turn out this week will address issues, consider resolutions and elect delegates to their respective party conventions.
While Ely had record-setting turnout in 2016, when caucuses featured straw polls for the presidential race, participation diminished in 2018.
Those with only an interest in the presidential race might wait until next week’s primary, but the caucuses offer a chance for residents to get in on the ground floor with their respective party - and get their voice heard.
Usually, both parties have enough slots available for their respective county conventions - set for later in the spring - so that an Ely participant who wishes to move on may do so.
Democrats and Republicans in the Ely area will both caucus at VCC, although Democrats from Eagles Nest Township will convene in Tower.
Room assignments at VCC are as follows:
• DFL City of Ely: Theater;
• DFL Morse Township: CL 104;
• DFL City of Winton: CL 124;
• DFL Unorganized 22 & 24: CL 126;
• DFL Fall Lake Township: CL 128;
• Republicans: CC 109.
Further information about caucus locations can be accessed online at the Minnesota Secretary of State website, at