EUC Rates Public Hearing

EUC Rates Public Hearing
February 18, 2020 -City Hall, Council Chambers

Call To Order:
Mayor Novak called the EUC rates Public Hearing to order at 5:00pm.

PRESENT: Council members A.Forsman, Kess, Omerza, Callen, Campbell and Mayor Novak
ABSENT: Council Member Debeltz
Also Present: EUC Commissioners Wilmunen, Nikkola, Colarich, and Richards

Ely City Council will hold a public hearing for discussion and to hear public comment on the Ely Utilities Commission’s proposed rate increases on water, sanitary sewer, and electrical services.

EUC Commissioner Richards stated that the Rates Committee has been working on the rates since October. Richards indicated that they started their analysis with the utility enterprise’s long term debt services and capital projects that are planned in the years to come. The timing works well at the end of the year, to see how past rate adjustments from the prior years have done for the current year. The EUC rate committee has put a lot of analysis in this and we are confident with what we are presenting to you.

Langowski discussed the rate increases. The electric rate for 2020 will be a 1% increase across all categories. The water rates will increase $.50 per month on the fixed charge. The Sewer Rate will increase $1.00 per month on the fixed charge. The rates will go in effect for the March 2020 billing after they are approved at the Council Meeting tonight.

Mayor Novak indicated that Ely’s rates are still low in comparison with other cities.

Langowski stated that CDBG indicated that our rates are low for potential funding, but we are still trying to keep our rates as low as possible for the customer.

Kess indicated that the demographics of Ely are a reason to keep our rates low.

Langowski stated that we always have to look at what our future capital projects are going to be. We have a public hearing next Wednesday for the Wastewater Treatment Facility Plan to meet the new state requirements in our permit and that will be an approximately $8 Million project.

A.Forsman stated that he appreciates how much work that goes into this, and how they start the process by reviewing the fund balances of the last quarter of the year.

Mayor Novak adjourned the meeting at 5:06pm without objection.

Casey Velcheff
Deputy Clerk

Ely Echo
March 7, 2020