K9 leads EPD to drug bust

A 34 year-old Ely woman was arrested for drug possession with the help of a K9 drug dog.
Cassie Jean Eggebraaten of Ely was arrested and booked at the St. Louis County Jail for third degree controlled substance (possession of methamphetamine in public housing zone), possession of small amount of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.
According to a news release from the Ely Police Department, on March 14 a walk though was conducted at Pioneer Apartments, a public housing facility.
“Walk throughs are done to enable relationships among the residents that live in public housing and enhances enforcement and problem-solving capability for everyone. Walk throughs are conducted in areas that are open to the public,” the release stated.
Sergeant George Burger was joined by Babbitt Police Department Officer Cody Siebert and his police K9, Tac, due to reports of possible drug activity.
“The walk through also gave residents an opportunity to meet a local Police K9,” the release stated.
The walkthrough occurred at 1 p.m. and shortly after arriving, while walking through a hallway K9 Tac alerted officers to a door of an apartment. The tenant was not inside the apartment.
While officers were on scene, a tip was received of suspicious activity in the recreation room. The tip lead to police finding the tenant of the apartment.
After investigating, officers found methamphetamine, marijuana, cannabis extract and paraphernalia.
Eggebraaten is awaiting arraignment at the St. Louis County Jail.
Also assisting with the investigation was a resident agent from the US Border Patrol.
”Proactive patrol, relationships with neighboring law enforcement agencies and the public often result in positive outcomes and provide for safe, healthy and peaceful communities,” the release stated.