Trout Whisperer - Dirty work

I can’t take it anymore, I’ve had too many wood shed days in a row. My snowshoes look tired, last November, December, January they looked fun, that’s over, and the icicles of late are pretty long in the tooth - what an eave crop of them we’ve got growing. It’s all too much, so, heavy sigh of, oh my, so, today while the rest of the world does Lord knows what, I talked my Mrs. into letting me plant one pot of sugar snap peas for me to grow in the windowsill.
I get happy thinking about it. New shoots, maybe some leaves that offer potential. And if all goes right those soft white flowers that will allow for tiny sweet peas. It’s a little thing, but in my world, it’s becoming a big deal.
I know it’s way too early to be thinking about gardening. Even yesterday we got a fresh three inches of snow, to emphatically say, to demand the no, but I’m all snowed up this year. I’m afraid of winter’s lingering. It just won’t go away so, I’m gonna invite spring into our home whether the weather likes it or not.
I bought a bag of dirt, picked up a pouch of seeds, gonna do me some dirty work, then sprinkle them with some tap water and sit back and wait, because that’s all I can do.
- The trout whisperer