From the miscellaneous drawer

by Anne Swenson

It’s lovely to live in the woods. Winter is my favorite time, even though four foot snow piles I wish were not are along the driveway, from plowing.
It’s marvelous to watch fox and deer wander and feed on the yellowish-green soon-to-be green grass.
What’s not lovely is the influx of eight-legged creatures who are faster than my foot or hand can assail them. Spiders are not welcome, nor are mice. Human visitors are welcome.
I’m spending less time at the office. The Echo crew: Nick, Tom, Lisa, Cam, Ann and Terri continue efficiently carrying on the work of delivering Ely area news. Guess that’s why we have more than twice as many subscribers in the area than any others.
* * *
The world as we have known it is changing. The classroom interaction of students at all levels is missing and schools and universities are empty.
As a child I was kept home school because I had an enlarged heart. To this day my multiplication skills are almost non-existent.
I don’t know how long I was quarantined, but I do know there was knowledge taught that I did not have the opportunity to learn.
And while I sincerely hope that at home learning now is successful, I know at least the social interaction will be missing.
Wherever you are, I hope you’re well and safe. Keep your spirits up and hope for a return to past pleasures to come again.
* * *
In the Ely Echo for May 5, 2010, 10 years ago, the headlines were:
• Proposed Ely sales tax refined. cut in half;
• Red ink, drastic steps at hospital;
• William Trygg collection donated to Bois Forte Heritage Center;
• Luke Lucas awarded VCC’s 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award;
• Without a quorum, discussion held on sales tax between City Council and Chamber.