Trout Whisperer - A bag limit

I was lying on the bank, to stay below the cool breeze, trying to stay warmer, and when the wind was not blowing, it would actually feel warm. Those warm moments, oh they felt so nice, but the wind would take my bobber out past the crappies, so I would have to sit up, then tuck my neck in my collar like a recently un-hibernating turtle, reel in, re-cast and then retreat.
I asked him, since I found a warm spot on the gray grasses from last year, if he would not mind just tossing my bobber back out since he was standing up anyway.
He said, you got any more of them Reese’s peanut butter cups, I said sure, I got a whole bag, he says, ok toss me one, and I will toss your bait back out.
And then my bobber started to slide slip surface and then into a dipping, I jumped up, caught a decent crappie, rebaited, cast back out, and retreated to the warm bank. The fish was fun, but I was more into the warm, and I think he knew it.
He caught three really quick, and I was just about to recast my bobber, when he said you stay there, I’ll get it, so once again, I pitched him a Reese’s.
Four more crappies for him, two for me that he reeled in on my fishing pole, that I did not even have to get up to unhook, and through the air, I threw him the required number of Reese’s.
By the time we left that afternoon, he had most of the bag of Reese’s peanut butter cups.
--The trout whisperer