Trump gives a shout out to Winton mayor

by Nick Wognum
U.S. President Donald Trump took time from a campaign rally speech in Bemidji on Sept. 11 to recognize Winton Mayor Kathy Brandau.
Also recognized were Babbitt Mayor Andrea Zupanich, Auorora Mayor Chris Vreeland and Virginia Mayor Larry Cuffe.
Trump cited the mayors who endorsed Trump “in the Iron Range area” and asked Cuffe why he did so.
“Because you’re the best candidate we could ever hope for” Trump said Cuffe replied. “That’s cool man, thank you,” said Trump.
“Andrea Zupancich, where’s Andrea?” Trump said, struggling a bit with the pronunciation. “Thank you very much, that’s really nice.”
Trump also thanked Vreeland and then turned to the mayor of Winton.
“Kathy Brandau. Kathy Brandau, thank you Kathy. I hope you’re having a good time tonight, we’re not going to let you down, you know that,” said Trump.
Brandau said the whole event was something she won’t forget.
“No matter who would’ve been president we were there to witness this,” said Brandau. “We were right there on the front lines.”
She said the packed rally at the Bemidji airport was a sight to see.
“I thought it was fabulous. I was truly touched. When Air Force One landed, it was an incredible sight to watch and to watch the president get off the plane,” said Brandau.
Prior to Trump’s arrival, Brandau said she met Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jason Lewis and spoke with U.S. Rep. Pete Stauber.
Another Republican was there who is being mentioned as a candidate to unseat Gov. Tim Walz in 2022.
“We met Mike Lindell, what an awesome man. When he came everyone wanted so many pictures with him they made him move to the back,” said Brandau.
Lindell is known nationally for his My Pillow TV commercials.
Brandau said the invite for the rally came from Stauber’s office and that she signed off on a separate letter endorsing Trump as well.
“I want to make it perfectly clear I have always been a Republican and because of that I joined this group of mayors. I personally endorsed President Trump,” said Brandau. “I just happen to be the mayor.”