Zito promises broadband to Fall Lake area

by Nancy McReady
Fall Lake Township residents, broadband is coming. That is what T.C. Leveille with Zito Media told the supervisors and the 10 citizens attending the township meeting Tuesday night.
“The main roads will be worked on first,” said Leveille, “and then branch out from there. Year-round residents would be first, then seasonal places.”
Hopefully more residents will have broadband connection by spring. Leveille said Zito is looking for a building to store equipment. He said there may be a possibility for free services in exchange for a storage area.
He said Fall Lake has areas that are more inaccessible because of ledge rock and a pole attachment agreement would have to be reached with Lake Country Power and Minnesota Power.
Leveille was asked if there is a possibility of going under Fall Lake to access the north side of the lake. He said he would have to check into that, but Supervisor Eric Hart said it is hard to get approval from the DNR.
Sheila Gruba asked if Zito could have an article in the Ely Echo about the broadband progress for Fall Lake and have contact information for Zito so residents who are interested in connecting to broadband could get on a list.
Gruba said Town of Morse has received funds from IRRRB for broadband, and maybe Fall Lake could get funding also.
Supervisor Craig Seliskar said Ulland Brothers received the big for the Cloquet Line project, and the bid came in under the estimated cost. Seliskar had a scheduled meeting with Ulland and TKDA Engineering Thursday morning and said work would be starting on Monday, October 12. The work would include clearing, widening and culvert replacement. Ulland hopes to keep one lane of traffic open with a pilot car or flagmen.
Hart said the brush pile at the transfer station would be pushed up, and he reported that area township roads had been graded. Thanks were given for having Shady Lane graded along with the Cloquet Line.
Supervisor Mary Tome said she will do a Zoom meeting with Lake County on solid waste.
Tome said she thinks the board should go back to conference calls for future township meetings and to close the town hall due to the pandemic.
The meeting would still be held at the town hall but only board members present, not even the press would be allowed to attend. The board agreed. Anyone can call in to the conference call at 6 p.m. on Nov. 10, dial 1-844-855-444, then 341608.
Tome said the Joint Powers has no definite plans to hold its legislative meeting, and she suggested they not have the meeting.
Tome mentioned the new town hall siding was coming along and the old bulletin board needed to be removed and replaced.
To address coronavirus possibilities in the town hall and the transfer station building, Selikar purchased two UV sterilization lamps.
Dean Barrett said the transfer site has been very busy and several residents asked if the site would continue to be open on Wednesdays and Saturdays through October. The board approved the transfer site to be open two days each week to the end of the month.
Shady Lane is still missing its sign and Seliskar will notify Lake County to put up a new sign.
In correspondence:
• Received a thank you from Ely Community Resource for support of their programs.
• Received a thank you from the Ely Golf Club for past support. $500 was approved.
• Approved a quote for the purchase for a new enclosed bulletin board for posting township news and announcements.
• Received a notice from the DNR and Minnesota Historic Preservation Board that Kawishiwi Lodge at the end of the Fernberg Road has been added to the Minnesota Register.
• umerous building permit applications were received.
• Next Morse/Fall Lake Fire Department meeting will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 21.
• Next regular township meeting will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 10 due to the General Election.
• General Election - Tuesday Nov. 3. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.