From the miscellaneous drawer

by Anne Swenson

You wake up to the sun streaming through the woods and the golden leaves of a deciduous tree brightens the scene.
Are these really the golden years? Although the mind is alert and the self-words of encouragement remain, times have changed.
Dimmed now are days, moments of the past. Memories, once so real, are hard to retrieve.
Did you ever surprise your parents when you were but a child? Did you live in or hide in some place special to you?
There are so many instances which were golden, and are still part of your being. There are people you recall who reached out to you and perhaps your neighborly good deed brightened someone’s day.
Each time of our lives is golden and should generate pride in ourselves. Don’t forget yourself in this perilous time. You have survived and golden moments continue to be recognized. Perhaps in the achievement of a friend or a child. Perhaps in yourself.
Each life is golden even when age threatens to dim the memories. So whether you have lived in Ely forever or it was one spot of many, your memories and insights are valued and remembered.