From the miscellaneous drawer by Anne Swenson

Saturday started with small snow drops pelting the trees. It hardly covered any part of the driveway and woods.
Now at 3 p.m. the snow is heavier and only a small bit of grass remains showing under the towering trees. Bare branches are now snow laden as are the feathery fronds on pines.
The barn roof may have two inches of snow and road traffic has slowed to a standstill.
If only the emails received from the various politcal parties and individuals would also stop. All are now filed under Junk and tossed away. They makeup about 80 percent of the daily email.
After November 3 will they cease and desist? Is it just me or does this election seem different from others? Truthfully I voted by mail some weeks ago. However, that didn’t stop the political messages nor the plethora of television statements.
Recently, subscribers have left notes or happened to stop by when I was at the Echo occasionally. Thank you to each and everyone - from the note by Jim Rusk, a former resort owner and Ely Miner Editor. To Retta Fifo and Nancy ???***.
Perhaps it’s a strange thing, but I’ve always been interested in our subscribers. I’m sad when one of them passes and memories of them over the years prick at me.
Many became friends and would stop in to talk.
Each was and is appreciated for caring about the Echo and caring about the present and future of Ely, Minnesota. Thank you for supporting Ely’s newspaper since 1972. YOU ARE APPRECIATED!