New Ely cop comes from a small town

by Nick Wognum
Ely’s newest police officer shouldn’t have to adjust much to living in a small town.
Maxwell Brewer came to Ely from Morristown, MN which is about 15 minutes from Faribault.
“I’m used to small towns…my graduating class at Waterville was 60 students,” said Brewer. “I grew up in farm lands hunting, fishing and enjoying parks as I was growing up. I got into sports and played basketball throughout high school. Otherwise people find me hiking or in parks or swimming if the water’s not freezing.”
Brewer said he would like to get back into duck hunting after missing out on several seasons during college.
He attended Riverland Community College in Austin, MN, graduating with a degree in law enforcement and corrections. He then went to Rochester Community College for the skills portion of his training.
Brewer’s first job is with the Ely police department.
“It’s a dream job if you want to get away from the (Twin) Cities),” said Brewer. “Rarely do you get everything you want all around you. There’s friendly people and hunting and fishing right around the corner.”
Brewer was sworn in on Tuesday night with his mother Shannon pinning his badge on.
“I’ve been to Ely a couple times. I went on a road trip with some buddies when I was applying for jobs.
“I always wanted to come up here though. This was my number on choice of the jobs I applied for.”
Brewer, 22, said he is looking forward to meeting people and getting involved in the community.
“I’d like to think I’m a friendly person. I enjoy getting to know people and seeing where they come from.
“I want to get involved in the community and let people know they should not be afraid to come and talk to me. I genuinely want to get to know and build a connection.”