Andrew Baker Sr., age 88

Andrew Baker Sr., age 88, passed away on November 21, 2020. He was born in Columbus, Ohio on August 3, 2020 to the late Andrew Jackson Baker and Mary Josephine Posnanski. He was a US Army veteran who served in the Korean conflict. He is survived by his children, Andrew and Cynthia; grandchildren, Andrew, Derrick, Josh, Angie, Brandi, Michael, Christina, Misty, Kevin, Kyle, T.J.; great grandchildren, Peyton, Alyssa, Gary, Bralny, Josiah, Naomie, Jersey, Logan, June, Penelope, Landen, Carson, Ashlee, Aiden, Careena, Deanna, Gia, Calie, Carter, Melia, and Chase; many other friends and family.