From the miscellaneous drawer

by Anne Swenson

I was in the office one morning recently, picking up my mail and adding some old photos of Ely’s olden days to the Echo’s collection. And I became more aware of the Echo team.
They have good leadership in Nick Wognum, now listed as General Manager, but there’s no doubt that his crew plays an important part in keeping things running smoothly.
Lisa, the ad designer, helps customers in many ways as she has for over 20 years.
And for some time since we have enlarged our print section and camera output, Cameron has been front and center to answer customers’ needs.
He also takes care of getting the Echos after they are printed in Duluth, and has had some help recently from Evan Wognum, Nick’s youngest on the road.
Tom does a great job of seeming to be everywhere. And the Echo also has the talents of Pam Roberts and all the columnists, and readers who share photos and letters with the Echo. And Brad is back to help with store sales.
All in all, the Echo is in good hands, and I was thinking of my Dad who was in Ely’s hospital nursing home. A successful businessman and corporate advisor, I had turned to him several times since buying the Echo.
The last time he had said that advice was no longer something of which he was capable.
My Ely advisors were Rod Loe, Mike Weinzerl, Bill Mills and a few others. They helped steer the newspaper in the right direction. And that is where the Echo is now - in the right direction. So chances are you won’t see me at the Echo and my columns will become less often.
Thanks for all your kind wishes and above all: thanks for subscribing to Ely’s only dedicated newspaper. The Chapman Street office is ready to serve you.
Like many Ely businesses, the Echo counts on you. Newspapers are struggling in these awful times. Thank you for subscribing.