From the miscellaneous drawer

by Anne Swenson

A new beginning.
Not just for me, for all of us. It’s a time to reconsider our lives.
In old age, I might be beyond change.
But what could you do at age 10, reach out to new neighbors, start a safety class for bicyclists? I did.
Children don’t have to be silent and passive. Encourage them to consider a bigger, bolder future.
What can you do at age 20?
Get involved with the political scene - run for office or volunteer to be part of a committee.
You are not too young or old for getting better acquainted with laws that affects all people.
Or maybe your interest is elsewhere- a park or parade, arts or history.
Travel is another option and it can be done alone and chosen on the spot. I did.
What about age 30?
Get a job you like, plan ahead for your company’s and personal future.
Be open to new things, new challenges.
What can you do at age 40?
Use your experience to find where you want to live and move there.
Be prepared to listen to neighbors and learn about the past.
What can you do at age 50?
Enjoy your home, children and grandchildren. You are not old yet, so look around your community and find ways to improve it.
Be sensitive to your neighbors. If they’re elderly, you may be able to help. Try phone calls to begin with.
What can you do at 60?
Go out of your way to help someone. Encourage and stimulate a person who has been bullied in life. Promote tolerance.
There are bullies at all ages. Remind them to slow down and take in the whole picture. There is good even in the bad.
What can you do at age 70? Your working life is now over and you can accept that. You have a lot to do.
The memorabilia that was important to you is shunned by younger folks as trivia. Identify your photos, make plans for the trivia.
Re-examine your home for its convenience as you age. Are the stairways steep? Can you get around safely or will you need assistance?
So what can you do at age 84?
Stay at home. Share your person with friends. Consider options for the future.
I say thanks to Tom and Sharon C. along with Will S. for remembering me.