Letter: …democracy is the freedom of speech

Letter to the editor:
Before I start, please know that I do not condone or support the violent events at our Capitol on January 6th.
The single most important ideal in our democracy is the freedom of speech. The reaction of big-tech and the media since the events of January 6 are a direct attack on that principle. 75 million Americans voted for President Trump and are deeply concerned that our democracy is under attack. Google, Apple, Amazon and other corporation’s attacks and shutdowns of social media platforms only confirms the threat to our civil liberties.
Look at what our President actually said at the rally at Capitol Hill last week. Nothing in that transcript could truly be interpreted to even suggest that the crowd should attack our Capitol. The attempt to remove him from office because of this event is a further attack on all the conservatives that are afraid for the future of our country. We must stop this culture of hatred for those with differing viewpoints.
This is a powder keg! Peace can only be achieved through conversation, discussion, and eventual concessions from both sides. To suppress the free speech of half the country will make things worse - not better. Those that would take away the civil liberties of the very citizens that believe their civil rights are being stripped away are only confirming the issue and are fanning the flames of anger.
Please write your congressman and senators to stop the impeachment efforts and this suppression of free speech so we can work together for peace.
Al Forsman
Ely, MN