Hook and Bullet Club

by Nick Wognum

A few weeks ago it was finally time to take the old 2001 sled out for a ride down the trail.
This was after going down to see Larry and Penny for a sticker to make it legal, stopping at Joe’s Marine and picking up a battery for the electric start, and finding a grease gun to make sure everything was in working order.
The battery was actually difficult to find. I had checked at J&L as well but Cathy told me that the one I was looking for was on backorder for quite awhile. She did have one the exact same size but the posts were reversed.
I decided I could make that battery work and after some curse words were uttered the wires were connected and I didn’t have to throw out my shoulder trying to start it. Did I mention this sled also has reverse? All the comforts of home.
Had to clean the visor on my helmet since it had accumulated a layer of dust in the garage. Now, this is my orange Polaris helmet I have worn for years. With my Polaris snow pants and jacket I was representing multiple brands riding the Arctic Cat down the Taconite Trail.
Crossing Highway 21 and heading behind the golf course it didn’t appear a groomer had been through this section lately. The shocks in my snowmobile were really getting a workout.
When I got to the Bianchi Trail the bumps weren’t as frequent but they were still there. I made it five miles down the trail and decided that was enough bumps for a first ride.
On the way back I was thinking, hear I am, riding a 20-year snowmobile with clothing and a helmet that’s just as old and I’m putt-putting down the trail like a grandpa.
That’s right when I remembered I was a grandpa. It’s heck getting old!