Burntside boat landing to get an upgrade, will likely close for two months

The Town of Morse board reviewed drawings from the DNR on proposed improvements to the public access to Burntside Lake off Van Vac Road.
Town clerk Nick Wognum said the project is expected to cost around $250,000 and will include a new parking lot near the road for overnight parking.
There is also a new canoe ramp next to the dock that is meant to reduce congestion.
During fishing openers and holiday weekends, the Van Vac landing is often packed with vehicles, forcing people to park along Van Vac Road.
Joe Majerus, area supervisor for DNR Parks and Trails, said the construction will likely take two months to complete. The landing will be closed during that time. He asked for input on the timing.
“Obviously, this will cause some issues for people getting on and off the lake using the other small accesses,” said Majerus.
Board chair Terry Soderberg said the board would like to see more parking and encourages people to contact the DNR with their concerns.
“This will need to go out for bids so people should contact the DNR right away,” said Soderberg.
Seating at the annual Town of Morse meeting on March 9 will be limited due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
Township supervisors debated on the number of people who could be seated with six foot distancing between them.
The board will allow up to 17 people for the annual meeting with the rest able to call in to participate. Those in attendance must wear a mask and socially distance.
The board discussed two grant requests for the Romberg Acres neighborhood between Ely and Winton. The township will be submitting a grant request to the state Department of Transportation for $450,000 to upgrade the roads in that area and pave them.
Len Cersine asked that Midco be contacted since the company has been looking to provide fiber internet services in that area. Cersine said that work should be done prior to paving.
In other business the board:
• Discussed the proposed annexation with the city of Ely which is waiting for a state board meeting.
• Reviewed a proposed 2022 budget with some changes made in the road and bridge fund and on the amount of monies received as payment in lieu of taxes for federal lands.
• Decided to move the March regular meeting to March 4 at 4:45 p.m.
• Approved Paulette Gilbert as an election judge.
• Passed a motion to appoint Wognum and attorney Joel Lewicki develop an agreement with Treehouse Broadband for the township’s contribution to a fixed wireless broadband project.
• Heard from Bob Berrini that the ambulance board met and discussed a new building again. He advised them to pursue grants for the project.