From the miscellaneous drawer by Anne Swenson

I had a recent phone visit from the Trout Whisperer. He’s recovering from knee surgery at home.
He suggested that I ask the Echo readers to send me ( snippets from their life stories. Why you live here, What you do here, what you like here - food or anything else.
Tom Mischke wrote to me about the book he plans to self-publish. He previously worked for 20 years on the air at KSTP and WCCO radio and City Pages.
The book is broken up into numerous chapters covering all aspects of winter. The chapter he was working on right now is entitled “Voices of Winter,” and he is moving about the entire North Country finding people who can speak eloquently on the subject of winter...their relationship to it, stories that highlight the ways in which people interact in dramatic fashion with the season, stories of survival, stories of humor, stories that simply articulate what winter means to residents here, how they approach it, what it represents to them in terms of an annual and dominant part of their lives. I sent him a few suggestions.
And I had a real time home visit from Pam Roberts who brought soup for lunch. It was another good time to catch up with the Echo connection She remembered that the night of her niece’s wedding reception was when I asked her to do the “O’Clock hour.”
It is a popular feature and one where we get to know better our neighbors and newcomers to the area. She grabbed a camera and started immediately.
Over the years Pam served many Echo roles including helping me with our huge Goss printing press.
She reminded me that when she contributed Moondoovian Sightings in the ‘80s, it was a takeoff on “Just about everybody reads the Ely Echo,” and she used to shoot all kinds of different situations.
Like many of Pam’s imaginative past, Princess Aurice and Pilot Guard Litoo were in search of the missing royal pewter scepter missing from the tunnel of the Farnhorns on planet Mondoon...
And since princess Aurice subscribes to the Ely Echo it was obvious to them by reading between the lines that the royal pewter scepter was somewhere near the edge of the BWCAW and that is where it was found in a treasure trunk sunk in a swamp. It was found just before the Fourth of July. So the princess and pilot guard were both in the Fourth of July parade riding on the back of an old truck driven by Wally Fendt...
In the photo from an old printing plate, the two had just crash landed and were about to go on their quest to find the royal pewter scepter.
And though I don’t remember this fanciful tale, some readers may remember the photo.