Trout Whisperer - Legend, lore, and outright lies

An old poacher lived on the north shore of a remote lake, and the game warden assigned to the district was getting ready to retire, so he didn’t care to chase the criminal trapper.
A young new warden, sent to fill the vacancy, heard of the mountain man and his serious lack of ethics, and he said to himself, he was gonna catch that rascal.
All summer - canoeing, hiking, glassing, checking rumors, traipsing the boreal forest, he never even got a look at the guy and then that winter the lake froze over and the new warden said to himself, I will wake early, I’ll snowshoe in, and when he leaves his cabin, I’ll be on him.
Sure enough, 44 below zero, he slugged his way in, sunk down in the snow and sat glassing at the cabin well before sunrise and he was soon semi frozen, but he remained, and when he saw a smoke plume erupt from the cabin’s chimney it gave him hope that, ok, at least I know he is in there. It steeled his resolve as frigid as it was, and he waited.
Sunup erupted and soon thereafter, the cabin door swung wide open to a great gust of warm air frosting the snowscape and from the warm vapored mist came a voice.
“Hey warden, instead of sitting there freezing, why don’t you come warm up to a cup of coffee and share my nice hot breakfast?”
Feeling defeated, the newest badge in the district, rose, hiked across the lake, knocked on the cabin door, swinging open there was the grizzled old trapper true to his word, handing him a deep mug of steaming hot coffee and a plate with rashers of hot bacon, some fried spuds and a shank of grilled moose.
Feeling the cabin’s warmth, starting to thaw, eating, he said to the bearded old man, in the morning’s dark, “How did you know I was even out there?”
The old poacher said: “I had no idea you were out there, I say the very same thing every single morning, it was just today, you decided to accept my offer. Say, you want so more coffee young feller?”
- The trout whisperer