Hook and Bullet Club

by Nick Wognum

Warning - the state legislature is in session so keep an eye on what’s going on in St. Paul. Here’s a nugget that popped up this past week.
The DNR would like to require that you have blaze orange on your ground blinds.
Here’s the proposed language:
“… during the open season where deer may be taken by​ firearms under applicable laws and ordinances, a person in a fabric or synthetic ground​ blind on public land must have:​
(1) a blaze orange or blaze pink safety covering on the top of the blind visible for 360​ degrees around the blind; or​
(2) at least 144 square inches of blaze orange or blaze pink material on each side of the​ blind.​”
Companies that sell pop-up blinds were selling the blaze orange tops last year, so apparently this rule is already in place in other states.
Safety must be the reason and we will go along with it.
Last year Camp Cholesterol purchased a new ground blind and we found a spot on a hill that overlooked a clear cut. The blind was opened up and stakes were pounded into the ground at the corners.
Inside was a chair and a small propane heater for those oh so cold mornings. There is no floor, only walls and a roof. Zippered or velcro openings provide the option to look out in any direction. There is also a see through mesh you can leave up in the windows.
We put a trail camera by the blind and had photos of deer and even a bull moose walking by when we weren’t there. I sat there during the season and never saw a deer or a moose.
Late in the season a windy night had me wondering if the blind survived intact. I walked to the edge of the clearcut and looked up the hill. No ground blind.
The chair and the heater were still there but the blind was now a hundred yards way wrapped around a tree. Miraculously there was no damage to the blind.
Now if this legislation passes we’ll have to rig a blaze orange or blaze pink top for it. Come to think of it maybe we could get a reversible one with both colors. Then you would know if it was me or Megan sitting inside.