Hook and Bullet Club

by Nick Wognum

From the perspective of a four-year old there can’t be too many slides at a park. Mary and I took our granddaughter Kinlee to both playgrounds on Saturday while her parents were out snowmobiling on the North Shore.
We went to the school playground first and Kinlee was bound and determined to try every slide, no matter what the obstacle was to get to the top. In the old days, there was just a steep ladder and a metal slide for kids. Today there are slides with a rope climb to get to the top.
Kinlee has no fear. Heights? Forget about it. She’s fearless which can leave grandma and grandpa fretting she would tumble and we would have to explain a trip to the emergency room. Instead there were tons of smiles and giggles, and not just from the four year-old.
At the school Kinlee liked the units that ran on a rail and she could ride back and forth with the help of a push. And, of course, the slides.
Next up was Whiteside Park which offered slides as well, plus a jungle gym and an area where xylophone-type units could be hit with a hammer to play music. Kinlee tried them all and even convinced grandma and grandpa to come up on some of the equipment with her.
There was a boy playing there and Kinlee offered him a fruit snack so there was a break held on one of the picnic tables still partially buried in the snow. The two youngsters chatted on a brilliantly sunny and beautiful spring day.
Kinlee continued to play for two hours. She is truly a bundle of joy and energy - enough to wear us out! We had already stopped out for a visit with great-grandma and Kinlee had joined Mary and Megan at the grocery store.
On Sunday Kinlee showed us her snowmobile driving skills as she tooled around Shagawa on her 120 cc Arctic Cat. That brought back memories of watching her Uncle Evan do the same at Semers Park years ago.
Kinlee definitely likes to snowmobile and going fast is the best part for her. She’ll likely be a snowmobiler for the rest of her life. That is when she’s not sliding at a playground on a warm Saturday afternoon.