Earl Stanley (Stosh) Bulinski

Earl Stanley (Stosh) Bulinski, age 72, of Ely died Saturday, April 3, 2021 in South Padre Island, TX.
The stories about the life of Earl could fill a book! He thrived on danger and adventure. It started in 1948 when Earl was a precocious five year old living on Diversey Avenue in Chicago on the ground floor of his Polish grandparents apartment building. He demonstrated his skill as an escape artist by climbing down the brick wall using only his fingers.
As he grew up, Earl developed the reputation of being able to fall asleep anywhere at the drop of a hat. One time Earl drove a dump truck 50 yards into the woods adjoining the Snowbank Road before he woke up. Another time Earl rolled his Corvette on the Fernberg Road, although speed more than sleepiness might have caused this accident.
Earl also enjoyed the reputation as a troublemaker among the faculty in the Ely school system, although he managed to charm most of his teachers. Earl was also accident prone. One memorable incident was at Snowbank Lodge, where Earl put a dent in his skull with a pick ax while chopping ice in the icehouse.
He loved to waterski, but was more interested in waving to the teenage girls who were watching attentively from the dock than where the boat was heading.
One of his favorite pastimes was night time fishing on Snowbank in a boat that was faster than the game warden’s.
Of course, Earl was best known as a skilled musician and the owner of Cranberries. For an in depth picture of his life as a musician, please refer to the recent articles in the Timberjay and the Ely Echo.
Earl was predeceased by his parents, Emery and Dolores Bulinski and is survived by his loving wife Sharon, brothers Greg and Bill, sisters Pam, Trish, and Becky (Falk); daughter Nicole Riad (Ibrahim) and son, Jared (Lisa), stepsons Derik and Troy (Heather) Maki and stepdaughter Christi (David Brooks) and eleven grandchildren and step grandchildren.