From the miscellaneous drawer

by Anne Swenson

To a pre-teen girl, there were challenges everywhere. Across the street an old macadam two lane highway led to what had become the outer limits to my environment.
In the 1950s, the lure to walk there was three fold. On the north side of the highway was the area airport and many small planes. Further south was the Oriental waterpark - a forgotten dream of some past homeowner.
Alongside the road on the left was a small unnamed creek. One could wade through mud to the cool, sandy bottom and catch tadpoles in the moving water. My best friend Bobby was usually along for the outing too.
My mother, a nurse, did not approve. Polio was taking children by death and sorrow and one of my cousins was in an iron lung at the time. Doctors Salk and Sabine created an immunization to stop mother’s fears.
We were inoculated.
Over the years there have been similar challenges and disasters: plague, typhoid, smallpox, Sars, influenza - each taking away a portion of the world’s population.
Some are non-believers due to their political orientation. And I ask you to man up and help to make life safer for everyone. You’re not afraid of a little prick, are you?
At 85, I’ve had two shots and no reactions.
I hope you keep you and yours safe and healthy. Tourists and summer residents are coming. Let’s welcome them.