Home Occupation Permits

Home Occupation Permits

City Ordinance 11.01 Subd. 12 regulating Home Occupation Permits states that business use of residential property requires a valid Home Occupation Permit. Annual permits are $15.00 renewed each May 1st ($25.00 1st year).

The Ordinance requires a Home Occupation Permit when any activity is operated for monetary gain in, or directed from, a residential dwelling or unit by one or more occupants residing within the dwelling or unit.

Home Occupations must be compatible with residential neighborhoods, employ no more than 5 employees, create no excessive delivery or vehicle traffic, and no noise, vibration, odor, or waste detectable by neighbors. Retail sales within all residential zones are prohibited except where the product(s) are produced on premises.

Review City Ordinance 11.01 Subd. 12 Home Occupations for complete rules and regulations.

Anyone subject to this regulation shall submit an application and pay and the applicable fee at City of Ely 209 E Chapman Street Ely MN 55731.

If you operate a business from a residential address and question whether or not you require a Home Occupation Permit, email pzadmin@ely.mn.us or leave a detailed phone message at (218) 226-5475.

Tim Riley
Planning & Zoning Administrator
209 Chapman Street, Suite 200
Ely, MN 55731

Ely Echo
April 24, 2021
May 1, 2021