Dry spell took a detour in April but might come back in May

by CBS 3 meteorologist Dave Anderson

Somewhere, legendary shop teachers Bud Adamic and Steve Smrekar Senior must be shedding a tear. It’s too bad such a historic structure as the Industrial Arts Building has to come down later this month. When I was an ISD 696 custodian 40 years ago, I got to know every secret place on campus from the heating tunnels under Kennedy Elementary to the crawl spaces above Memorial High School. The basement of the Industrial Building had plenty as well.
The northwest corner was a big shop where the engineers worked on repair projects. The northeast corner was a labyrinth of passageways and store rooms. I was sent in there once to fetch something for a project and was stopped dead in my tracks when I rounded a corner and several ghostly white figures stared at me. They were the life size statues of the founding fathers my mother told me used to decorate the school lawn back in her day. Last I saw those statues a couple of years ago, they were on display at the Interpretive Center at VCC. Nice to know they got out of the basement before the walls come tumbling down.
And it’s nice to know some rain has come tumbling down around here since we chatted last month. In early April, it was feared a dry spell would linger. But, as this article is being written on April 26th, we are 0.80 of an inch over normal for rainfall. Temperatures for April continued a warm streak and were +2.4 degrees more than normal at least when last calculated on the 25th.
Here in May, it is reckoned that temperatures will run from one to four degrees warmer than normal. Rainfall, though, may go back to the scant side and come up with maybe two inches. That’s an inch lower than normal.
So, the little side trip the dry conditions took last month may get back on track here in May. The long range forecast guesstimate calls for sunny and warm conditions from May 1-3. May 4-9 should be rainy and cool. The 10th to 18th, though, may rebound and become sunny and warm. The 19th to 31st should be warm, too, and that heat could trigger thunderstorms.
This month’s final notes include condolences to Earl Bulinski’s family. When I was a 60s kid growing up near the A&W, live concerts from Earl, Bill, Jerry etcetera were a ton of fun. Also, condolences to Barb Avakainen’s family. My first media job was delivering the Mesabi Daily News and she was the zone boss for the Ely area back then. Finally, best wishes to Dan Ojala on his new repair shop. May he fix cars, sleds and lawnmowers at the old Mike Motors as well as my dad did up on Beacon Hill for 20 years.