Trout Whisperer - One lump, or two

Where is he? He is in the garage, he’s working on the boat. Something wrong with it. I doubt it, but that’s what he said, working on the boat.
I finish my coffee; she offers me another steaming cup. I sip at it, thinking, it’s kinda cold to be in the shop this early, I’ll nurse this cup, then head out there to see what he’s up to.
She tells me about the grandkids, some gardening she has been able to do and then I’m offered yet another cup, and so with it, out to the garage I go to find him, legs sticking out of the bow like two thick oars flailing, and he is howling.
I ask if he is okay, he shouts, “No, I’m not okay, get in here and get me right side up. “
I find a step ladder and haul it up into the boat, he is headfirst in the front hold. After some tugging and pulling we get him unstuck, and in a few moments more he states: “I just went to look in that hold for one of my life jackets, I slipped on something, really bumped my head, and in I went, and try as I might, I couldn’t back up, been stuck that way for better than 45 minutes, I was yelling for help, sure glad you came by for a visit.”
Rubbing his sore noggin, He says again: “Boy am I glad you showed up when you did, I was getting dizzy down in there.”
I said: “Here, have some of my coffee, you’ll feel better, and if I knew you were stuck in there, I would have certainly showed up sooner.”

- The Trout Whisperer