Hook and Bullet Club

by Nick Wognum

We’ve lived in our house on Boundary Street for nearly 30 years. It was Pat and Chickie Harristhal’s before and originally the home of the Muscatelli family.
There is a backyard but you can’t get to the alley. I was trying to explain why to my granddaughter Kinlee but I agreed it doesn’t make sense.
It’s my understanding CCC crews built the rock wall that extends 10 feet up from the alley. There is a gate (with a lock on it) but if you opened the gate you’d be jumping from the top of a basketball hoop.
Kinlee accepted the gate doesn’t open and set off playing. With the dogs running around her, Kinlee fought off imaginary bad guys with her baseball bat and climbed into her room, which in an alternate reality is a red plastic Radio Flyer wagon.
Later that day we set up boards in the backyard and played bags, all in celebration of Evan graduating from Bemidji State University in four years.
This past week he started his new job with Kasota Stone, mining granite in a quarry south of Ely. The company’s motto is “450 million years in the making.” Catchy.
Evan had to finish his last year and a half of school without stepping foot on campus. All of his classes were held online. He stuck to it and made it all the way through.
Some day we will find out how much damage was done by having elementary and even high school age students learn online. There were a lot of things that went wrong during the pandemic, but that has to be near the top of the list.
What world will Kinlee have as she enters kindergarten this fall? I am hoping and praying it’s back to normal and we never put masks on kids and/or make them learn from home.
Seeing Evan graduate filled Mary and I with a sense of accomplishment and pride. We look forward to the day Kinlee is able to do the same.