From the miscellaneous drawer

by Anne Swenson

If you are over 60 years of age you may be faced with what to do with mementos from your past. You’re learning to make adjustments to your life.
My Mom took on the role of family historian. She corresponded with dad’s four to five sisters, as well as her own.
That which occupied your spare time and life, your hobbies or passions, has disappeared into the future.
John and Kathleen Noid of Cedar Rapids, Iowa and sometime summer residents, agreed in a note about changing values. I thank them for writing.
A DQ lunch at the house with friends Sue and Lowell Syverson, also from Iowa, was also a treat. Sue and Muffin Nelson handle the children’s Art Camp at Pioneer Mine and encourage the creative spirit with various art projects and teachers.
I’m glad my Mom became the family historian, keeping in touch with her own family and Dad’s sisters. Some stayed with us for a while. One sister, a teacher lived in the Tower area after the gold rush.
A week ago I noticed a manilla envelope on my desk with my name written by my mom. I shared it with son Nick and, to my surprise, found never seen before photos of the then young parents.
Since they died in 1904, a few days apart, I never met them. By contrast Mom died in Ely at age 100.
We all undergo stress in our lives. And there appears to be some things which can never be undone. I’m sorry if I’ve offended you and I’m sorry about the times I lost my temper.
I wish I could be a better orator, a less open speaker. Perhaps I conceal too many thoughts. Until they burst. My regrets to those who have been hurt by this.
Stay safe.