June may try to be warm but dry

by CBS 3 meteorologist Dave Anderson

The best paying job I ever had was janitor at the Voyageurs Visitor Center from May to September 1984. That gig paid $13.65 an hour. My current job didn’t match that until just a few years ago.
The Visitor Center (now the Wolf Center) also paid in fun. It was fun to keep an eye on the wood duck house they had on display out the observation window where people now watch wolves. The front of the house had been replaced by plexiglass so people could see the duck nest inside. But, some enterprising red squirrel took over the place and turned it into an apartment with a picture window.
One night, squirrely spent a good chunk of time sitting on top of the house while excitedly preening. Then it hopped down and bounced tail up into the forest as if it was heading to a hot date. It never came back. I hope it was off that night to move in with another squirrel rather than ending up dinner for a predator.
Of course, right now I sound like one of the “nature fakers” that John Burroughs called out in 1903 during a six year argument that some writers anthropomorphize nature a little too much. It’s common for us meteorologists to do that because nature’s ominous summer storms are so easy to humanize with their power and organization.
There are indications that June 1st to 11th will be a roller coaster for temperatures running hot one day and cold the next while being punctuated in between by some organized lines of thunderstorms. June 12th to 16th should be sunny, dry and warm. The 17th to 25th should be cool with scattered bouts of rain. The 26th to 30th should be sunny and warm.
In general, the monthly mean temperature should run two degrees above normal. Rain totals threaten to run from normal to an inch below normal. Summer itself looks to be warmer and drier than normal. The upcoming autumn will change this up, though, and turn to below normal temperatures and precipitation.