From the miscellaneous drawer

by Anne Swenson

Have you ever traveled and not known in advance where you were going to eat or sleep that night?
Life is an adventure if you choose it. Traveling with friends or alone, we sometimes stayed in new, strange places without prior reservations.
That’s adventuring without care. It reinforces the feeling of freedom. On cruises or escorted trips this may not be possible. At least there’s some native human contact.
Traveling by bicycle in Canada as a young teenager, there were several challenges, one being speed and losing control on a curve, and crashing.
A train from Vienna to Rome by way of Cortina d’Ampezo allowed me to see talented friends at the Vienna Opera, friends of my brother’s in the ski and Olympic place of fun.
But I don’t recommend long bus rides. So little choice in any area but it was a way to get from California to Chicago.
Car travel is better if you’ve had plenty of rest prior or when your partner is driving, and don’t wake up while driving and streaming though large desert cactus.
Plane travel can be pleasant, although the terminals aren’t great. It’s been a long time since I did that. I remember the trip to London to visit my niece.
At one point in the trip I shared a house with the mother of a county supervisor and author in Cornwell near where politicians recently assembled.
No matter where or how you travel, enjoy the adventure!