From the miscellaneous drawer

by Anne Swenson

Feeling guilty.
After 60 years of working, with only a few detours or escapes, I’m now retired.
Seventy years ago when my family got their first television, there were limits on tv watching.
As years passed , when I had no access, I didn’t miss it. Even radios were banned from foreigners in post war Italy.
I’m filling my time now with PBS and other popular shows.
In Illinois, a long time ago, life was more normal for a stay-at-home mom of two kids. I mowed and gardened as people do.
A phone call changed that when a neighbor called and offered to help me since I was “dying” of cancer. The word was wrong. In an attempt to improve myself before the operation, I had been “dieting.”
Young school buddies got the word wrong.
In Winton there was a garden plot at the back if the house. Among other things I grew cucumbers. Neighbor Huxley Pelkola gave me lessons in how to make dill pickles.
They were yummy.
Now living in the Ely backwoods, I no longer have anything but flower gardens. Since I can no longer give them needed care, Pam Roberts has taken over the job.
It gives us a chance to visit and catch up on her busy life. My life is much quieter.
She sent a photo of her colorful work. I’m lucky to have such friends and acquaintances. And I’m reminding myself that I’ve earned a rest.