Donations requested to build Ely Miners Memorial at Pioneer Mine

The list printed here is a compilation of 252 known names of miners who died in one of the Ely mines. The mines include Chandler, Lucky Boy, McComber, Pioneer, Savoy, Section 30, Sibley and Zenith.
These are the names which were verified through death records, mining reports and newspapers. During the research period over the past two years, it was found that the spelling varied for some names. The dates of death also tended to vary. It is likely that the final memorial will carry only the year of death.
These are the names which will be used in the Miners Memorial sponsored by the Ely Arts and Heritage Center. The memorial will be placed on the Pioneer Mine historical site. This location has been approved by the City of Ely, owners of the property which is on the National Register of Historic Places.
Donations are still being accepted for the Miners Memorial. At the present time just over $8,000 is in the account. A minimum of another $7,000 is needed.
The Ely Arts and Heritage Center has a dedicated fund with a goal of raising $15,000 with $8,000 already received. The Ely city council has pledged to match the $15,000. A grant application will be made to the IRRRB to match the $30,000 for a total budget of $60,000.
If all funding is in place and will cover projected expenses, construction will take place in 2022.
Persons who wish to comment on the list or the project should contact EAHC chairman Nick Wognum at the Ely Echo office.