Hook and Bullet Club by Nick Wognum

My wife and I have been to many concerts over the years but we’ve never taken in a Christian rock concert. That changed Aug. 5 at Duluth’s Bayfront Park.
First, the venue is great for an outdoor concert. Located right on the waterfront and next to the DECC, Bayfront has become a premier outdoor concert facility.
Being outdoors, the only problem is the weather. We found that out on a wet Thursday night.
Remember, we’re in a drought and rain showers have been few and far between. That wasn’t the case between 6-7 p.m. Aug. 5.
We were able to go in early for a question and answer session put on by For King and Country lead singers Joel & Luke Smallbone. But that’s when the rain came barreling in from the west and soaking the crowd at Bayfront.
We brought umbrellas which did help but rain can be persistent and it didn’t take long to get soaked.
I wasn’t smart enough to bring a rain coat or even a bar of soap but Tom Wetzel saved the day, delivering a jacket that kept me warm and from then on much dryer. This was Tom and Becky’s fifth time seeing For King and Country so they knew to come prepared.
Christian singer Ann Wilson took the stage at 7 p.m. and couldn’t have picked a better song to get things started singing “Praise the Lord I saw the Light” and sure enough the clouds parted and the sun came out. She added Little Big Town’s “Boondocks” and had people singing along.
The main show was full of energy from start to finish.
There are singers and there are performers but there are few who can do both. The Smallbone brothers from Australia are both.
It helps that their music is upbeat, toe-tapping tunes that the audience knew well. There was lots of singing along, plenty of dancing and yes, hands in the air testifying in belief.
I loved every minute of it and placed the concert in the top five I’ve ever been to.
There was a stage hand hanging out during the show to our left, just behind the speakers. We learned why he was there when band members started throwing things to him including a megaphone, a horn and a huge bass. He caught every one.
As the sun set our clothes were still a bit damp but since we hardly sat down in our wet chairs, the rain became a not-so-distant memory.
There was even a Facebook live performance of the band’s new song “Relate” that was released at midnight on iTunes.
For King and Country is going to do a Christmas tour and if you haven’t heard their version of “Little Drummer Boy” be sure to look it up.
In Duluth that was the final song and a great way to wrap it up. This band loves percussion, whether traditional or digital. They would run two drummers at a time of the six performers on stage.
Canons on stage shot streamers and confetti into the crowd, which just cranked things up another notch.
The rain may have initially dampened spirits before the show started but by the time it was over there were smiles all around.
It was, as Tom Wetzel would say, a blessing.