LETTER: …the woods are the home of Bigfoot

Now that we have the insane wolf hunting stopped, what about adopting a sane policy regarding the unnecessary bear hunting season?
And while we’re at it we might take notice of the beauty of our woods and lakes and rivers while they’re still here, because don’t look now, but Mr. Peabody’s big trucks are hauling it away, every day. Logging should be limited at the very least. It is not right for some to become rich by destroying a natural resource that rightly belongs to all of us.
Speaking of the woods ... the woods are the home of Bigfoot, Sasquatch, all around us. I know it’s true and so do many of our friends and neighbors. They are not apes, animals. They are some sort of human, and their home is the woods, the woods we are destroying every day.
Also, before I run out of time here, which I probably already have, the pandemic is not real. Not that there are not some cases, but the hype, the promotion of fear on such a massive scale, that is by design, and not to be trusted. It is clear this is not about a virus.
Mike Palecek
Saginaw, MN