Letter: …These foundations should start funding where they could benefit humanity

Will they finally make a difference?
Scientists have found that although forest fires do not release a significant amount of Acid Rain, they do create a significant amount of mercury into the environment. California, Oregon, and Washington wildfires contribute greater amounts due to the trade winds and climate.
These non-profit anti-mining so-called environmentalists from Northern Minnesota should invest time and funds to the National Science Foundation, to help educate and to come up with solid solutions instead of playing politics for only upholding an agenda for selfishness of their own private needs. Along with one-sided big box newspapers who will not inform its readers about these non-profits who are in violation of their non-profit status.
It would be for the greater collaboration of these anti-mining non-profits to promote education and work with the great mining industry of Northern Minnesota.
It still puzzles me when there are 54,000,000 forested acres in Minnesota controlled either privately, locally, by county, state and federal and the BWCA is 1/54 of this why people aren’t enjoying all of the forest without permits and all the hype. You’ll still be able to canoe, camp, hike, 4 wheel, snowshoe, ski, snowmobile, hunt and explore.
These so called non-profit anti-mining environmentalists, Sustainable Ely, Northeastern Minnesotans for wilderness, Boundary Waters Action Fund, Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness, Water Legacy, Re-Generate Ely, Sportsmen for the Boundary Waters, Kids for the Boundary Waters, should have more concern and dedication for all by investing their efforts in the ongoing years after year of the western wildfires now and in the future for you have been beating the wrong bush. Look where the trade winds which carry over the Rockies and dump polluted air onto your backyards.
What if the so-called true environmentalists help clean the oceans rather than closing the bridges and stopping progress. These United States have the best opportunities to use our own resources with responsible scientific technologies in mining Minnesota. We should not rely on our precious metals from Russia, China, Africa for we will not like the outcome.
We need to take control of our resources, for our country, our people, to create jobs, dreams and sustainability for the United States and Northern Minnesota.
So for the non-profits request your big box newspaper out of Minneapolis to get onboards to make a difference on promoting ideas to resolve problems as wildfires in western states that affect the state of Minnesota and also campaign to recruit these special anti-mining environmentalist for a stint to help clean our oceans and contribute to the welfare of life in our seas.
These foundations should start funding where they could benefit humanity instead of prodding a dead horse.
Tom Cooper
Ely, MN