September may cool but the clouds may stay closed

by CBS 3 meteorologist Dave Anderson

Two thirds of 2021 are over and it has indeed been a pretty warm year. We are 2.5 degrees over the normal mean temperature. Seven of the eight months so far have been warmer than normal. Only one, February, was bitterly cold.
Rain equivalent totals for the year have been way down. So far, precip is about 5.6 inches less than normal. Only March and April ran a rain surplus. The other six months have fueled the drought that affects us now.
For September, we’ll get 50% relief. Long range forecasters think the heatwave will break. But, the drought will continue. It is thought we will average one degree below normal for September’s temperature. The thought unfortunately also feels rain will be at least two inches shy of normal.
The September forecast starts with just a little rain and lingering warmer than normal temps from the 1st to the 6th. The 7th to the 11th will be sunny dry and warm. The 12th to 20th, though, should turn cloudy, showery and cool. The 21st to 26th may kick up an autumn warm spell. That will be followed by a cold snap to finish the month from the 27th to 30th. Some forecasters feel October will follow a similar pattern.