Park says masks don’t work, urges healthy eating

by Nick Wognum
A retired Ely doctor had some different words of advice when he spoke to a full house at the Ely Senior Center Wednesday night.
Dr. Steve Park retired four years ago and told the crowd he’s been following the coronavirus issue very closely.
“With the coronavirus stuff, it’s been a fascinating 20 months since it all started. Over that time I’ve read a ton, I read every day on it. And it’s just been fun for me because I’m not in the office and the lack of science I’ve just found really, really interesting,” said Park.
He said a trip to the southern part of the U.S. last fall found night and day differences to northern Minnesota.
“Every place in the northern part of country was locked down, and in Tennessee, Alabama and Florida it was like nothing had happened other than a restaurant where you walk in with a mask on, sit down and take the mask off. Where the heck did that come from? Is the germ that smart?”
Park, sporting a “Thanks Trump. Vaccinated. #operationwarpspeed shirt, said the virus started in China.
He said the spike protein is novel but the coronavirus “isn’t new it’s been around as long as man’s been here. It’s a cold virus. There’s pretty good evidence the Chinese manipulated it. But it’s still basically a cold virus.
“We as a species have got some immunity built into it anyway. That doesn’t take away things that have happened.
“The real message I want to convey is you don’t need to be scared to death of this thing. Don’t fear the virus. There was a point in February of 2019 we didn’t know much about it. Back then my best friend and I were sitting outside on the tailgates of our trucks. In retrospect that was stupid. The nearest coronavirus in 2019 was probably 500 miles away,” said Park.
He said the virus is spread by aerosol and conventional masks are not built to stop it.
“The mask stuff, that came out 150 years ago, in the late 1800s and it was on tuberculosis, which is a horrible lung infection, and was not spread by aerosol. It was basically spready by chunks you expel, these are big pieces. The aerosol of coronavirus is really, really, really small.
“The particles are smaller than the smoke from a cigarette. Can I smell that through my mask? Of course I can. So it doesn’t stop much.
“The best study I am aware of on masks came out of Denmark. This was an observational study which makes it suspect, nevertheless it had about 13,000 people.
“Their conclusion, and they took 6,500 that wore masks and 6,500 that didn’t. The infection rate between the two groups was statistically insignificant. The group that wore masks were at 1.8 percent and the group that didn’t was 2.1 percent. So, a .3 percent difference which is no difference at all. And that’s the best study we’ve got.
“My opinion is that masks don’t do very much. Might they do something if you’re visiting grandma in the nursing home? Yeah, you might want to wear it. But the difference is not there. Enough said.”
He was asked if a mask would inhibit a sneeze. Park said the coronavirus would go right through the mask.
One of the 70 audience members asked if the analogy of trying to stop BBs with a chain link fence would be similar.
“That’s about right,” said Park.
He also questioned the science behind the six foot distancing recommendations.
“There isn’t any study that says six feet isn’t going to get you infected. So much of this whole deal is to scare the crap out of you and it doesn’t make any sense.”
Park shot down the use of lockdowns as well. He said what’s going on in Australia is terrible and added that Sweden didn’t lockdown and it didn’t make any difference.
He did give practical advice on what people can do to help prevent getting infected.
“There is a lot of good things you can do. One is washing your hands and don’t pick your nose. We’ve known that about cold viruses forever. But we’re getting a lot of mixed messages. We need to be exposed to germs to keep your immune system healthy.”
Park took aim at testing procedures being used to detect coronavirus.
He said the two main tests are PCR and antibody.
Park said the antibody test is the most accurate and that the PCR is suspect.
“If a PCR test is negative they concentrate it and they do the test again. They do that 30 to 40 times. It can then detect viral particles which are dead particles that might have been in your body for several months.
“There’s an argument we’ve been tested to death. A Pfizer researcher said this is going to go on forever unless they quit testing. Then to quarantine if there is a positive test. That doesn’t make any sense.”
Park said instead of looking at cases, government should look at hospitalizations and ICU admissions.
“Those are the statistics I look at. The scary part about this is the fear mongering about this. And this is my opinion. I know our science has been suppressed. I am able to look at the literature that is attempting to be published by different researchers. There are half a dozen big conglomerates that control medical publishing. They are in control by bigger conglomerates. The same ones that have shut down free speech.
“At any rate there is medical literature out there that refutes what’s being spoken about and they won’t publish it. This has been going on for years.
“My heart and soul is nutrition research and that literature has been researched following the mantra that you gotta eat right, fruits and vegetables and stay away from meats and fats. And the data is unequivocally wrong. That research was put down. The same thing is happening with the coronavirus literature. Same thing with the different heart medicines. Data that says statins are good for you are marginal. The science is there you’ve got to look for it.”
Park said the key to the coronavirus is keeping people healthier.
He explained that people who are obese, have diabetes or pre-diabetes are going to be more susceptible to coronavirus.
“All the masking and lockdowns, all the crap over the last 20 months was supposed to be keeping you healthier. But they won’t do what will make a difference,” said Park.
“The insulin causes the problem. The more insulin the more inflammation. So when you eat wrong you make more insulin. Insulin causes weight to go up. Weight is a marker of insulin resistance. If you are insulin resistant you are leptin resistance. Too much insulin and too much leptin activates other cytokines.
“The reason people die from coronavirus is a cytokines storm. And it’s coming from the activation of cytokines from leptin and insulin.”
Park said the answer is simple: eat right.
“Eat things that drop your leptin levels and insulin levels. Stay away from sugar and carbohydrates, things like potato chips. If you do that in five days you’ll cut your leptin levels in five days. Eat right. Those kinds of things will help.”
The next part of Park’s talk dealt with sunshine and vitamins.
He said a March 2019 study in Indonesia noted the patients who were dying from coronavirus were vitamin D deficient.
“And yet you have to look high and low to find study to take vitamin D. I don’t understand that.”
Park’s advice is for people in northern climates to take 5,000 units of vitamin D every day.
“One of the observations I’ve made in taking care of patients with insulin and diabetes is they were all vitamin D deficient. Why are they vitamin D deficient? Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin. If you’re heavier it’s stored in fat tissue and it’s stuck. The bio availability of vitamin D is not there. What’s really critical about vitamin D is it’s a vital component to make cells work right and fight off infection.
“It’s easy to take and it’s dirt cheap. If you live in this climate you should take it. Kids have a lesser problem, they should take 400 to 1,000 units. We fortify milk with vitamin D. Kids tend not to be obese. What’s the difference between D and D3? What you take is D3. What you buy at a store is D3.”
Park also discussed how the coronavirus impacts different races.
“Sweden didn’t lock down but they ended up with a surge in deaths. They have a big influx of Somali immigrants. Somali women wear burkas and they don’t get vitamin D. Their vitamin D levels were rock bottom.
“There’s something interesting about vitamin D and that’s there is a huge racial disparity. If you have lots of pigment in your skin you are way less efficient in converting vitamin D from the sun. People of color don’t have enough vitamin D by a long shot. It’s an easy and cheap fix. Nobody talks about it and I don’t know why.”
“Zinc is another cheap thing you can take to help improve your immune system. I take 50 mg a day. This helps both for the immune system and viral protection. If you’re eating nuts and seeds you’re probably getting enough zinc. If you eat carbs your zinc is lower.
“There are easy simple things you can do to keep you from dying from this disease and you don’t have to be scared of this disease. Eat good protein, fish, almonds, and nuts.”
Park said it is true that some minorities are more affected.
“The reason the black and Native American population are more susceptible has to do with genetics and if they don’t eat right. If the news media and politicizations would just let you know the truth it would make a big difference.”
Vaccines came up next in Park’s discussion.
“Instead of all this ‘shove a vaccine in everybody’s arm.’ I’m not anti-vaccine. Instead of focusing on that look at the treatment options. All studies on hydroxychloroquine that were good were banned. I prescribed it many, many times to people who were traveling. The studies that were shown that it didn’t work were designed to show it didn’t work.
“What does it do? It doesn’t do anything for the virus. What it does do is facilitates getting zinc into your cells.
“I was just looking at a study this gal had done and ivermectin worked. It’s used broadly in India right now. It’s a protein inhibitor and it keeps coronavirus from multiplying in your cells.
Park said other treatments that work include monoclonal antibodies and steroids.
Park said of the three vaccines currently available, the Johnson and Johnson version would be his choice.
“Here’s my philosophy of vaccines from my opinion. They work, they’re life saving. We need to make sure people who are at risk are vaccinated. Old, diabetic, insulin resistance are people who need to be vaccinated.
“Correct your diet and you can mitigate that risk. That’s why I got it, I’m old. But kids have no risk from this disease. The latest from the CDC is if you are under 16 your risks are three in 100,000. Your risks are insignificant. But the risks from vaccines are real. Boys, young men, can get myocarditis.
“The spike protein is concentrated in female mice ovarian tissue but what does it do in humans? I don’t know. But when risks are so low from dying, I don’t recommend the vaccine. I have 6.5 grandkids. I’ve got one cooking. I’ve told both my kids I wouldn’t give them the vaccine. See different doctors, get different opinions. If you are at risk, it’s absolutely reasonable.”
Park said the two MRNA vaccines “don’t work nearly as well as we hoped they would. These vaccines have been around for a year. How do we know what it will do 10 years from now. Some vaccine reporting systems have fallen down. And Facebook shut down a group that was reporting reactions to the vaccine.”
Park said that this is the first time the spike protein is being used for vaccine purposes.
“Does it change your DNA, your cell structure? I don’t think so. But it does make the spike protein. Robert Malone made the spike protein and he said there are some real issues with it and he made it.
“The other part is it drives variant strains for which it’s not working very well. When a vaccine knocks out other parts of the virus that’s why you have the variants. That’s known as the Merrick effect. The fact we’re getting variants is not a surprise. The virus wants to survive and propagate to continue to survive. Right now people aren’t dying to the same degree they were a year ago, still sadly we’re losing people but it’s toning down.
“The pandemic is over, we’re now in the endemic phase. Politicians who say we need to eradicate coronavirus from the face of the earth are crazy. It ain’t going to happen.”
Park said he does think some people could be harmed from the vaccine, but “I think it’s really, really important for those who are vulnerable.”
Park gave the crowd a list of people to look up on Google or YouTube including Alex Berenson, Iver Cummins, John Campbell, Sebastian Rushworth, Robert Malone and Peter Gotzsche.
In a question and answer period at the end of the discussion, Park responded to various issues.
On if he were still practicing would he be pressured not to speak out?
“If I worked for Essentia they’d try to send me back to charm school.”
On why the information he provided is not getting out to people.
“In my opinion there are huge conglomerates out there for world control. I got nothing I can prove that with but I think there’s really bad stuff happening.
What can overweight people do, especially those who are overweight from a medicine they are taking?
“Don’t eat junk food, don’t eat sugar, don’t eat too many carbs. Eat lots of bacon and eggs.”
Is natural immunity as good or better than a vaccine?
“There’s no question about that.”
Why do people discriminate against natural immunity?
“It doesn’t make any sense.”
What about the Ely school board requiring kids to wear masks at school, what can we do?
“Vote the bastards out. I don’t think it’s good for kids to wear masks. Their carbon dioxide buildup in the mask is not good for them.”
What can people do to prevent coronavirus and what should they do if they end up getting it?
“Do the things we talked about to prevent it. You treat it like flu or colds. Lots of fluids and Tylenol. If you’re short of breath that might be a sign of a cytokine storm and you need treatment. And you need treatment sooner than later.”
A nurse in the audience asked why people are not being checked for their vitamin D level.
“The media hasn’t put this information out there…it’s crappy and it’s wrong.”
On the PCR tests, was it used before covid?
“The technology has been around for along, long time.”
How bad is insulin resistance syndrome?
“Insulin resistance is affecting about 70 percent of our population. The number of deaths from coronavirus, that’s the reason why.”
What about people who have had coronavirus and then get the vaccine.
“What appears to be the case is people who have gotten the first vaccine and have a reaction, it’s not that bad but the second vaccine is worse. By the same token if you had coronavirus and get the vaccine I would think logically your risks would increase.”
Why are studies coming out against the use of ivermectin?
“You have to take it early on. One of the problems with one of the studies is they waited til patients were on their death bed and of course it didn’t work.”
Why is there a push for people who have had the vaccine to wear a mask.
“I don’t know.”
On whether it’s possible to keep from ever getting the coronavirus?
“My message once again is not so much what you do when you get it. But things you can do beforehand to keep from getting as sick. We’re all going to get it. We’ve all had the flu, we’ve all had colds. The goal is to mitigate with the things we talked about.
Part of me being here today is you don’t have to be scared to death of this thing.”
On variants to the coronavirus and concerns about them?
“I think we’re at a non-issue now. I think everybody’s going to get it sooner or later and it’s really clear it’s not going to wipe out the human race. They had big spikes in Florida in the last two months, that’s their indoor season. There’s a seasonality to it.”