Retail development planned for former grocery store buildings

A business from Chapman Street will make the move to Sheridan Street and add a second business next year.
Eagle Wolf Development, owned by Jay and Jacki Bregier-Poshak, are purchasing the Zup’s Food Market and Ely Northland Market buildings on Sheridan Street. J&L Hardware will be relocated to the Zup’s building.
“We’re investing in the town,” said Poshak. “We are looking out for the community’s needs, it’s why we’re doing this, so we can provide what people need right here in our local community.”
The project has a two-phase approach with getting the current Zup’s building ready first. Zup’s and Northland Market are moving to the former Shopko building in October.
“Moving to the Zup’s building will give us more space to expand our retail selections so we can continue to offer what we do now and expand areas like clothing and sporting goods,” said Poshak.
That will include the company’s growing rental equipment business that will also be located at the top of the hill on Sheridan Street.
“We had always planned to expand the business with a bigger retail show room and parking when we bought the business from Jay’s parents, we feel this is the right opportunity with two buildings right in town becoming empty,” said Bregier-Poshak.
The future of the current J&L buildings on Chapman Street is in development with a few different business models on the table. But there is a plan for the soon to be former Northland Market building.
“The idea we have for that building is home goods furnishing, clothing and things that people say are missing in town since Shopko closed,” said Bregier-Poshak.
While there may be some crossover between the two stores, the couple believes they can fill both buildings with product, not an easy task after a pandemic.
“We pre-bought shelving so that won’t be holding us up,” said Poshak. “Once we get things underway at the Zup’s building we’ll start on the Northland Market building.”
The plan is to be open in the Zup’s building around March of 2022.
“We have good suppliers to choose from, it’s just that there are shortages in almost every supply chain right now but now we’ll have more space to store and display products,” said Bregier-Poshak.
The names of the two businesses will be revealed in the near future, but the couple said Eagle Wolf Development will be the owner of the two buildings.
“We are looking forward to bringing things to the community that are new and continuing to offer what we do now,” said Poshak.
“With the continued support of our customers, the town, the surrounding community. We look forward to the challenge and the new opportunity” said Bregier-Poshak.