From the miscellaneous drawer

by Anne Swenson

If you’re older than 60, it’s too early to forfeit the living game.
Since you’re the team leader, you’ll need to review the past performances and set goals.
It’s a new season for all of us.
Indulge in a cheerleader team of words. Come on, you can do this. See, that wasn’t so hard.
And objectives are important to the game. You don’t need to win every game. Minor scores count too.
After all, you did get out of bed this morning. Perhaps you dressed yourself, got breakfast, and checked your email.
Important triumphs even though small. Do you get these? Your team is way ahead! You’ve got stories to tell, friendships to revive.
You’re a winner!
On another note: The early days’ beginnings predict my reactions.
Golden sunlight sifting through pine trees means an easy day. When the light changes from gold to green/gray, storms are ahead.
When my sister moved to Oregon from California, some folks said it was because of the right to die legislation.
Now, though physically impaired, she’s back in California. In her teenage years she worked for Camp Widjiwagan.
Now a recognized geneticist, in younger days, she provided me her home during some trying times.
Stay safe!