Trout Whisperer - Is, me

He is assisted in his ambling, with a cane. He does not prefer the term, walking staff, hiking stick, or otherwise, he thinks, the cane, with its palm gripped handle, has a certain prestige.
He is a distinguished fellow. Now some men, allow themselves the titular title, he earned it. He was a distinguished war veteran, collegiate athlete, exemplary in business, so much so, in fact, he served in two different U.S. presidents’ administrations, of two different political parties.
He didn’t flunk basic sandbox. He knew how kids got along, what to fight for, and who to arm himself with, or ally arms. And he knows, he knew, strong capable women, and men, in many walks of the American way of life.
He is defiant with the probable, fierce with his convictions, he will bow to the almighty, his wife, and grandchildren, in that order, the rest of us can hand him a minnow or crawler if he deems it time, and you best be lightning quick with the landing net, if he says, “get the net.”
He wears a plaid shirt, like a magazine ad, sips coffee, as if it was made from a million-year-old Turkish trader. Can offer his advice on many subjects with such brilliance, and I so enjoy the way, every game, every card, from every shuffled deck, he accepts the defeats, at how lousy he plays cribbage. He knows his limits, and smirks and smiles at them all, although they be few, and, one of them is me.
~ The trout whisperer